Why “House of Sage”?

I was (still am, actually) running a collaborative “magazine blog” called Sage and Poppy. During its naming process, my co-host Zoe suggested “poppy”, the state flower of California, where we live. I added the “sage” because I wanted to maintain the plants and herbs feel, and because sage is synonymous with wisdom. I felt it proper to name my personal branching-out-blog after sage.

What’s going on with your post titles?

I decided to use numbers, with each multiple of ten being in a different “language”. I started with just the words in English, then Roman numerals, then Spanish, and now Italian (as of mid-September 2013). I had a difficult time trying to word my titles, so I went the easy route and added a bit of a twist to it.

Do you do sponsored posts?

I do, and I will always disclose when a post I write is sponsored. I have a Disclosure Policy. I am on Brand Backer, so now and then I will write about products from companies that send me samples and such. If I can, I will also offer discount codes and other freebies for my readers.

Do you really post every 11:11 on the dot?

I draft posts as ideas come to mind. Then I schedule them to automatically post as soon as the closest 11:11 (am or pm) strikes. I work during the day, so I can’t be blogging at 11:11 am.

Why 11:11?

Random whim based on the “it’s 11:11; make a wish!” thing. Do I believe in it? Meh. But it’s cute.

For questions, just ask.