#FridayFavorites: Lip Products, Part 1

Lip products are fun. Sticks, pencils, balms, stains–they all come in a variety of shades, finishes, brands, and what-have-you. Although, to be honest, I used to hate lipsticks when I was a child and my mom insisted I wear a bright red shade when I was a flower girl for a wedding. My lips felt like they were suffocating and I would start drooling for no reason. I can’t explain it, but I just hated lipsticks. It took me 25 years of my life to finally warm up to them, and now I can’t stop.

Below are my top five favorite lip products. If any one of the five are holy grail for you as well, let me know so we can bond over it!

1. “Velvet Teddy” – M·A·C Cosmetics

Velvet Teddy colordeep-tone beige; matte lipstick; $16

Hands down my favorite lipstick of all time. It’s matte, it goes on smooth, and it looks natural on the lips. I have nothing against glossy or bright/dark lips, but I find that they get everywhere and are too attention-grabbing. I simply find Velvet Teddy to be wearable any time, for whatever occasion. M·A·C’s formula, for whatever reason, is perfect. The lipstick glides along my lips, looks matte, and stays put for the duration of the day.


2. “Whirl” – M·A·C Cosmetics


dirty rose; lip pencil; $16

Who didn’t see this coming? Anyone who likes Velvet Teddy for sure likes Whirl as well. It’s the unofficial Kylie Jenner lip combo. Say what you will about the Kardashian/Jenners–Kylie’s lips are always on point. Whirl actually works great by itself. Just color your entire lips with it and you’re good to go. It’s a tad darker than Whirl, but both colors compliment each other.


3. “Pure Hollywood” – Anastasia Beverly Hills


nude beige pink; ultra matte liquid lipstick; $20

When the ABH liquid lipsticks came out earlier this year, Pure Hollywood immediately shot up in popularity. And I’m not surprised why. For the first few weeks, it was hard to get a hold off because it flew off the shelves too fast. It is such a gorgeous shade and it stays on for hours. However, since it is a matte lipstick, it will probably dry out your lips. Make sure to exfoliate or put lip balm on before using this product.


4. “Stainiac” – theBalm


lip and cheek stain; $17

I wrote a review about this over at On A Seesaw, and my feelings haven’t changed. I love this product. It is very useful and it is the perfect color for natural red lips and rosy cheeks. I use this when I’m popping out for a quick errand and don’t want to look too done up, but still look presentable. I also noticed it has a slight cooling effect on the lips, which is nice.

5. “Beeswax Lip Balm” – Burt’s Bees


lip balm; $3.30

Another favorite from On A Seesaw. This lip balm is a staple for me. No other lip balm can quite match up to this little guy. It has peppermint oil which gives a refreshing, cooling tingle that I haven’t had from any other lip products I own. It doesn’t leave my lips feeling sticky or oily either.

And of course, a swatch of everything minus the lip balm.


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