3 Things My Boyfriend Said II

 * This had been in my Drafts for over a year. Was originally 7 things, but I never got around to writing down the other 4. Might as well publish now. Also, this boyfriend is now an ex.

1. “It’s fine, we don’t need to talk. I just need to hold you.

Shark Week, which happens every month to majority of women, is a bad time. Although mine doesn’t always last an entire week, best believe that those few days are hell. I usually give him fair warning, to watch out for my bitchier-than-normal behavior, and to give him a chance to stay at his place while I ride out the rest of the bloody waves by myself. Fucking PMS. And yet…


 2. “You don’t want to watch your boy, Christian Haydensen?”

Asking why I didn’t want to watch Star Wars (I know, spank me). But his transgression is worse. How can you murder Hayden Christiansen’s name that way?

I’d be mad, too.

3. “Who is this guy? Evan something?”

We were watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Chris Evans, boo, I’m sorry.

Captain America: The First Avenger
Take those pecs away before I squeeze them. For science!

What are the cute things your significant other says to you? I’d love to know.


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