I Got Booties

I gotta hand it to The Vampire Diaries staff. In less than a year, they have managed to influence almost every aspect of my life.

  • Elena’s gorgeous long lashes via individual falsies? Got those.
  • Songs from every episode? Downloaded the second the episode ended. (Haaay Chris Mollere!)
  • Crush on Ian Somerhalder? I dated a guy who looked just like him.
  • Elena’s fashion sense? Getting there.

The focus of today’s blog is Elena’s style, particularly her shoes.

I’m more of a flats type of girl. Anything I can slip my feet in and out of is a go. But Elena isn’t into flats as much, and if I want to snag me a pair of delicious vampire brothers, I’m going to have to expend a bit more effort into my wardrobe choices. So I’m starting from the feet up.

Her clothes are easy to replicate, in a sense. When little miss Elena Gilbert was a mere human, she wore a lot of lace camisoles under long-sleeved henleys or v-necks in a variety of jewel or pastel tones. Also basic blue jeans and black Converse. Very laid back. Shit, even her hair was so laid back. Stick straight, no volume, no highlights.


But every now and then, she manages to wear something adorable. Like this pretty number she wore in Season 4, Episode 3:


Those booties would not get out of my head, which made me realize that I don’t own any ankle boots. I had to step it up (lol pun pun). All I had were wedge boots, flats, Vans, calf-length black boots, and a black Uggs knock-off.

I remedied that quickly, and within two weeks I had a decent number of booties lined up alongside my other shoes.


Well, hello, there. I got this pretty thing at a discount shoe store during a stroll in the mall. I love how my feet will fit into either 6 1/2 or 7, because this came in only a 6 1/2. And so did this one:


Because I couldn’t decide between the dark brown or the beige, I got both. They were on sale for the exact same amount that I got refunded from Aeropostale.


Also this lovely brown country-ish thing from Payless. It was on sale for $25, size 7. I had to have it. It would look great with shorts, which I unfortunately can’t wear to work. But it’s summertime, so no worries. (Also, shout-out to one of the 20 books I am currently reading!)

So to whoever is Nina Dobrev’s stylist on The Vampire Diaries, you did your part for America’s economy. You got me buying shoes.


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