Current Obsessions (September 2014)



  • The Golem and the Jinni” by Helene Wecker

A rich tale about supernatural immigrants learning to survive as humans in 1899 New York. The book focus not only on the Golem Chava and the Jinni Ahmad, but on the supporting characters and settings as well.

  • The Mad Scientist’s Daughter” by Cassandra Rose Clarke

Young Cat is introduced to her tutor, Finn, an android who looks unmistakably human. Cat grows to question the peculiar relationship she develops with Finn, and how it affects all her other relationships.

  • The Deep End of the Sea” by Heather Lyons

A modern retelling of the story of the Gorgon Medusa, whose sight turns anyone into stone. Medusa was brutally raped by Poseidon in Athena’s temple, earning the goddess’ ire and cursing Medusa to 2,000 years as a monster.


“Awake” by Tycho and “Breathing Place” by Vibrasphere are melodic chillstep tracks that are perfect for background noise while working on a project at work or reading a good book. “40 Day Dream” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros is a lovely indie folk track that will make you want to sway along to the beat.


Vampire Diaries


New Girl

  • The Vampire Diaries

I marathoned all five seasons in under three weeks. Admittedly, the fifth season went slow for me, as the Delena aspect waned. I was into the show for Delena, and when that stopped, I lost interest a bit. I did soldier on to the very end because the sixth season will be coming out on October 2nd, and I had RSVP’d to a girl’s night/season premiere showing with a local Meetup group.

  • The Blacklist

James Spader’s performance as the enigmatic Robert California in The Office left an impression, so I gave this show a try. It’s like watching Robert California move on to become a criminal named Ray Reddington right after the conclusion of The Office, weirdly enough. Method actors like him are half of what makes a movie or a show worth watching.

  • New Girl

I stopped watching New Girl a year ago when I fell behind a few episodes. When Netflix brought in the third season, I took a break from The Blacklist and resumed the second season where Nick and Jess worked on their unresolved sexual tension, and Schmidt pined for the fickle Cece.



Ardell Duralash Flare in medium black

After tending to my jealousy over Nina Dobrev’s/Elena Gilbert’s gorgeous natural-looking long lashes, I researched for the exact product used on her. I finally found an article where her makeup artist mentioned using Ardell‘s individual lashes. I was even more ecstatic when I found that these babies cost $4 at Target.


MAC Cosmetics Whirl lip pencil

When I asked for this particular shade the the MAC store, the salesgirl immediately said, “The Kylie Jenner look?” Exactly what I was there for. It is a beautiful mauve; matte and very 90’s grunge. When I wear it, I don’t even have to go too heavy on my eyes. This color is a statement by itself.

Velvet Teddy

MAC Cosmetics Velvet Teddy lipstick

The perfect matte companion for Whirl. The dupes I got simply couldn’t hold a candle to this color.


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