Kimble Beauty Hair + Discount!

I got a chance to sample two of Kim Kimble‘s hair products this weekend in exchange for an honest review. I got to pick which set I would get, so I chose the Brazilian Nut and Acai Berry conditioning mask and a shower cap.

The conditioning masque is a thick off-white cream that smells oh-so-good. I have really long hair so I squeezed about half a fist-sized amount onto my palm and worked it into my hair, especially the ends.

After years of coloring and styling my hair (and one DIY bleaching mishap), I knew that picking the masque would be the best choice. It contains two ingredients that serve different purposes.

Brazilian nuts…

…contain a lot of selenium, which is said to be great for hair growth. And if you remember the movie Evolution, selenium also wards off aliens. 😛 Brazilian nuts also contain omega-3 fatty acids, which can help restore shine to your hair. I definitely need that on mine.

Acai berries…

…on the other hand, strengthen hair roots and minimize breakage and falling out. This is because acai berries are rich in folic acid, zinc, protein, and Vitamins A, B, C, and E, among others.

I left the conditioning masque on my hair for ten minutes and rinsed it off thoroughly. I immediately noticed that my hair was less tangled during brushing, smelled great, and felt softer.

The other item that I received was a shower cap.

I didn’t actually find a reason to use it yet, but I did try it on. It fit well and had room for rollers underneath.

In conclusion, I adore the sample items I received. They actually work for me. Would I recommend them to friends? I would. And you know what’s great? You guys get a discount!


Enter the code hair10 at for a 10% discount off your shopping cart.

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