Crocker Art Museum + Art Mix/Spoke-tacular

My friend Zoë invited me to an event through Facebook last week, and me being the adventure-less lass that I am, decided that I would drag Ricky to the thing. It would be good for us to experience Sacramento and get out of the house/apartment sometimes. Break the monotony, if you will.

This event–the Art Mix/Spoke-tacular–was held at the Crocker Art Museum here in Sac last night. I hadn’t been to the Crocker in years, and the last time I went, they had renovations going on which blocked off most of the building. Ricky and little Cory hadn’t been to the Crocker at all, so it was time they got some exposure to art. Also, I thought it would be nice to lend homie some support because she was modeling for the 7 o’clock fashion show curated by Juniper James.

I would not have made it onto that ramp.
I see her supportive boyfriend Stephen in the crowd.
Looking great in blue.

I wish I didn’t forget how to ride a bike. The models looked gorgeous in their flowy outfits while pedaling to the stage. I would probably eat it, though.

Before the show, we walked around the museum and checked out the African art, Greek art, a few paintings, statues, and Asian art.

Cory thought he wasn’t in the shot.

I didn’t get to take pictures because my phone was dying. I did, however, get a picture of this ivory tusk with intricate carvings on it at the Asian art section of the museum:

So preeettyyy… The Chinese outdid themselves here.


Cory says he wants to go back to Crocker. And we plan on checking out the Auto Museum soon. There will be more museum visits in the future for us, and I will make sure to bring a well-charged camera then.


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