May the Fourth Be With You

Today is Star Wars Day, if you don’t already know. If friends on the Internet haven’t greeted you a “May the Fourth Be With You”, then you need better friends. (Jk!)

So Ricky, Cory, and I checked out West Sacramento’s May the Fourth Be With You Event at West Sac Civic Center this afternoon.


Cory snuck in a short nap on the drive there.
Cory snuck in a short nap on the drive there.

The venue was…shall we say, ill-prepared. There were no signs that said cash only during registration or that their ATMs were out of order, so guests had to walk at least a block away to get cash.

There were small tables where different vendors displayed pretty much the same Star Wars things: action figures, vintage action figures, comics, shirts, old school games and consoles, and more stuff that made me go meh. Upstairs, there was a table with some old video games for sale, and computers where a bunch of Asian kids sat and played.


The other building had rooms for padawan training/face painting, which Cory didn’t do because there was a long waiting list and only two(?) people doing the face painting. There was also a cosplay room where there were a bunch of people dressed as Jedis congregating at the front while bumping lightsabers. Not much to see there.

We also checked out Autra Jefferson’s Star Wars themed wedding display. This one I really liked.

Photo c/o Eclectic Weddings & Thymehadder Photography

Check out her post about it at Eclectic Weddings. Being Star Wars fans, Ricky and I eyed the display with much fervor.

It was an alright event. Not really much to see, although I don’t know if it was because we were there late in the day or because the event is only two years old. Perhaps next year will be more fun.

Cory did get a $3 Anakin action figure that swings its lightsaber arm left to right.




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