Pasta Caprese

Zoë‘s friend, Shelley, just debuted her health and wellness blog over at Besso. I like local bloggers because I feel like I have instant camaraderie with them, just because of our actual physical proximity. Most of the Sacramento bloggers I know are mommy bloggers, and while that’s fun, I also longed for other reads.

One of Shelley’s earliest posts was a simple caprese salad. The first time I had one was after a trip to Belair(?) where they had a salad bar. Since I can’t remember exactly which store I went to, I cannot just go traipsing around town looking for one dish. And so I put it at the back of my mind for a year.

Shelley’s recipe was absolutely simple, with just three basic ingredients: mozzarella, fresh basil leaves, and tomatoes. I thought I could do it, too. So I went to Trader Joe’s to get my supplies (plus a few frozen vegetarian Indian meals for work and assorted macarons because I’ve never had any). However, the unsliced mozzarella log I bought proved to be a bit of a challenge to handle. And I did not realize that fresh basil leaves would taste so strong. Even after seasoning it with salt, pepper, and EVOO, the basil was still overpowering.

So after one plate, I abandoned that idea and messaged Ricky to curb his excitement for caprese salad and instead focus on caprese pasta instead.

I’m still using the three basic ingredients, but with pasta and a jar of Prego Fresh Mushroom sauce added into the lineup. I would have preferred to use cherry tomatoes for this recipe, but I got roma tomatoes, so I’ll do with what I have. I cubed those tomatoes and the mozzarella, chopped a few basil leaves, and tossed them in before serving.


And it was gooood. Or at least Ricky said so, because he ate over half of what I made.


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