Haunted Dyer Lane

For a photography class project, Dru had to do an homage. His assigned famous photographer is into achromatic photos and geometric elements. I said he just needed a black umbrella and an empty street. I volunteered to model.

He suggested we shoot at Dyer Lane.

Since I didn’t know where Dyer Lane was, I Googled it. And I was surprised that I got results about how haunted the area is. I was spooked immediately.

In a nutshell, Dyer Lane is a straight one-mile stretch of road in Elverta, CA off of Watt. The street has two lanes, one way each. Both sides are flanked by a line of trees and fields beyond them. It is a twenty-minute walk from end to end. It became famous because it was where the KKK met up and did ghastly racist activities. Death was always involved. There had been mysterious deaths in the area recently as well.

When we got there around 6 pm, it wasn’t as creepy as I thought it would be. Some signs were vandalized, warning drivers to turn back but teenagers think they’re funny like that. At the end of Dyer where it turns at a 90-degree angle into Tan Woods Road is a shallow ditch that has become a garbage dump. The lane smelled like skunks. On the street itself were spray painted phrases of very strong racist tones, swastikas, and other offensive words.

Despite the horrific vandalism and smells, Dyer Lane is actually pretty and similar to any other county road.

We got to work immediately since we were losing sunlight and it was quite windy and chilly.

The homage photo for his project
One just for fun.

We also hit up a nearby cemetery for a few shots.

He had me stand by the tombstones, which I was sort of iffy about since I hadn’t stepped foot in a cemetery in a few years. I stood by an old tombstone with an epitaph for a deceased baby. I got chills, so I stood slightly off to the side, careful not to stand on top of any dead bodies possibly six feet underground.


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