Today marks the third month that Ricky and I have been together. And while I haven’t been exceptional with my presents for him, he has definitely gone above and beyond.

Since the 14th this month falls on a Monday, we decided to celebrate yesterday, a Sunday.

He took me to the mini traveling carnival near his workplace at El Dorado Hills. Of course, the first ride I demanded we do was the Ferris Wheel.


Who doesn’t love a Ferris wheel? It is probably the tamest ride an adult can go on. Not too fast, not too wild, and not too scary…as long as you don’t shake the gondola.


The view was spectacular.


He couldn’t resist doing a duckface. Ew.


And here’s me looking super FOB.

Too bad I didn’t get video or pictures from when we rode the wilder rides like The Scrambler. I was screaming so loud and so shrill and pleading to not die yet.

After that little funness, we watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I am now for sure shipping Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff. I can’t wait for Age of Ultron!

We also had dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack. The wait for a table took 45 minutes, and about an hour for the food. I remember why I don’t frequent the place. Too loud and too expensive. I wanted lobster, but $40 was way too much.

And when I came home from work today, I found these lovely things waiting for me in bed.



Easter lilies. They don’t smell like the stargazer lilies he got me for Valentine’s. These are so lovely. I’m going to try to keep them alive longer.


He also pinned some of his favorite notes I left him in a little keepsake box. I am going to hang this in our bedroom when we move into a duplex later this year.

Do I feel loved?

Yes, I do!


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