7 Free Apps to Watch Out For

There are hidden gems all over the Play Market; ones that are not on the TOP FREE or POPULAR tabs. I happened to find a few useful ones that I absolutely love. And because I am nice, I have to share. Some of these have iOS versions, others don’t. Since I have an Android phone, I apologize to the iPhone sheep fans if I couldn’t find a version for you.

1. MightyText


This app is ideal for people who (1) text a lot, (2) work in front of a computer, and (3) are not allowed to use a cellphone while at work. All you need to do is install the app onto your phone, link it to your Gmail, then go to http://mightytext.net/app. That’s it. You can text from your browser and never have to touch your phone.

(c) MightyText
(c) MightyText

2. Pushbullet

Android | iOS

Pushbullet shows your phone’s notifications right to your computer. Like MightyText, you need to install it to your phone, and then install an extension to your browser. You can also push notifications from your browser to your phone. Browsing Tumblr and found a picture you want to text to your friend? Just copy the image link and use Pushbullet on your computer to send it to your phone. If your friends are using this app, you can push to their phones as well.

(c) androidspin.com
(c) androidspin.com

3. CamScanner

Android | iOS | Windows Phone

Take a picture of documents, and this app scans (auto-crops and enhances, too) and saves as PDF documents. You can print, fax, email and edit the files however you wish. This is really useful if you want to have digital copies of your documents like your apartment lease, store cards, etc. It also allows you secure private documents–for example, scans of your passport, ID, debit cards, credit cards, social security card, and more. Your files can be accessed on any phone, tablet, or computer as long as you know your login.

(c) techuism.com

4. aCar

Android | BlackBerry

According to the website: “aCar is an all-in-one app to effectively track the fuel mileage and costs, maintenance, trips/mileages and general expenses of your vehicles.” Every time I refuel my car, I log in information like odometer, price per gallon, volume, and total cost. Overtime, this will calculate average mpg, running costs, etc.

(c) nerdtripping.com

5. Clean Master


Let me quote a user (whom I personally know and trust) review: “This is one of those apps that no Android user should go without, regardless if they’re a casual user or a power user. It cleans your device from junk, especially residuals from previous app uninstallations, reliably. Some of us also tend to forget some of our old downloads and files; this app will bring them to your attention so you can decide either to keep them or remove them. CM also comes with a RAM booster that you can set to auto-boost and an App Manager to help you organize your apps. “

(c) androidwidgetcenter.com
(c) androidwidgetcenter.com

6. SMS Backup & Restore


Unlike my Infuse that could store an unlimited number of text messages from individual numbers, my Atrix HD stores only 1000, deleting old ones as new ones come in. That didn’t sit well with me since I like being able to look back on old messages. If you’re like me, this app is for you.

(c) 4pda.ru
(c) 4pda.ru

7. AppLock


Some people are nosy. You hand them your phone to look at one picture, and the next thing you know, they’re scrolling through your messages or posting “im gay!!!” on your Facebook. AppLock will put a stop to that. Simply choose the apps you want to lock so the next time someone tries to access it, they will need to provide the passcode.

(c) uptodown.com
(c) uptodown.com


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