Colors and Indian Food and Mystery Pie

Life in CMYK has been one of my favorite blogs for almost a year now. Eleanor has a fantastic eye for colors and clean designs. Her Pinterest page amused me for a while yesterday as I browsed through pins neatly categorized by color. My favorite is the Coral board.

Yes, coral is one of my two favorite colors. The other one being turquoise.

My boyfriend, Ricky, found a gem in a Target aisle last week.

Archer Farms simmer sauces

He and I love Indian food. And despite my intolerance for spicy dishes, I can still find comfort in their mild curries, kormas, and tikka masalas. When we want to treat ourselves something special, we would go to a local Indian restaurant near his house.

So when he found the simmer sauces (slightly OT: Archer Farms packaging makes me wet), we knew we were in for a treat. We tried the tikka masala sauce with a pound of diced boneless chicken and rice last weekend and it was amazing.

For $2.99, it was too good to be true. I am so ready to try butter chicken tonight.

Did you know McDonald’s has a Strawberry and Crème Pie? I just found out last week, and I wouldn’t have known had they given us our drive-thru order correctly. You see, they missed one burger so we had to drive back. To apologize for their mistake, they gave us two free pies: one apple and one “Signature Pie”. No idea what it was.

Source: McDonald’s

But it was amazing!

So amazing that the next day at work, I drove to McDonald’s to get two more of that pie. I’m hoping McDonald’s won’t break my heart again. I was sad when I learned that they discontinued my go-to Mushroom and Swiss Angus Third Pounder.

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