Playing Catch Up

Before anything else, allow me a quick moment to fangirl over a recent discovery.

Two nights ago, my boyfriend played this song to me while we were cuddling in bed. Something about being one of his favorite love songs. The next day, I looped this for the whole eight hours I was at work and the hour I drove home.

“Beast of Burden”, The Rolling Stones

Excuse if I’m late to the party, but this is the first song by The Rolling Stones that I’ve had the pleasure of actually listening to. AND I LOVE IT!


I’ve been taking a little breather from blogging. Mostly because I don’t know what to do or say, and it’s better if I don’t force myself or risk half assing the content.

That said, I filled my time by reading books. I got back into Goodreads and signed up to read 30 books for the 2014 Reading Challenge. So far, I’m almost halfway there. I started strong with the Divergent series, relaxed a bit with more YA novels, then some Chuck Palahniuk, and slowed down with A Song of Ice and Fire. Let me tell you, A Game of Thrones is a LOOOOOOONG book, with every page being a massive infodump. Took me a week to finish it. I am halfway through A Clash of Kings, so I’m hoping I’ll finish the other three books before Game of Thrones season 4 commences.

What have you been up to, dear reader?


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