Charm Bracelet

It took me 25 years to realize the genius and craft behind charm bracelets.

I had one a decade ago. My mom sent me and sister a charm bracelet each, but it has been so long that I don’t even remember the charms on it. I left it in the Philippines, because it was around the time when I wasn’t used to wearing sparkly jewelry.

But this past weekend, my mom and I ventured into Hobby Lobby and found the aisle that housed the pretty little trinkets. And before long, my hands were full of charms, a bracelet, beads, and hooks.

The first trip cost me $12, since the charms were discounted. Had I known, I would have gotten more.

The second trip cost me a lot more, because the sale was over and I didn’t realize.

But here is my little collection, because I’m quite proud of what I got:

My best friends. The boys who stole my heart.
Heart box & dreamcatcher
The box actually opens and I put a happy pill in it for emergency purposes. The dreamcatcher is just pretty.
Ladybug & dragon
I love ladybugs! And I was born in the year of the dragon.
Camera & puzzle piece
My hobbies
Jacks & paper planes
My childhood
Butterfly & piano
For my sister, who is scared of butterflies but went and got one tattooed at the back of her neck. And for my dad, the greatest piano player I personally know.

Do you have a charm bracelet, too? What charms do you have? And if you don’t (yet), what would you get?


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