Witches Galore

When I was a kid, I had many books. One book I enjoyed reading over and over was a hardbound that had colorful illustrations of witches, monsters, gnomes, and wizards. I loved that book. It was called Witches Galore by Linda Jennings.


But as I grew up, I gained more books and pushed my childhood ones to the back of the bookcase. Eventually, Witches Galore didn’t make it into the small box that I would be bringing with me to California.

I never completely forgot Witches Galore, so now and then I got pangs of guilt and melancholy.

I decided to fix that last week.

I went to Amazon and found a copy of Witches Galore for less than $5. Grabbed that.

The excitement that gripped me when I opened its pages again after over six years is indescribable. It felt like I had opened a portal to my childhood. Witches Galore became a prodigal son.

I can’t wait to reread the stories that captured me when I was young, like the story about the witches on vacuum cleaners…


…and the ugly witch who found magical boots that made her pretty, among others.


Enough chit-chat. I am going to go read my book now.

One thought on “Witches Galore

  1. I think I kinda* read it while I was still in elementary. But, I just faintly remember. I think it was in the school’s library. I am not sure though, but it looks so familiar.


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