Oh, hello, 2014.

New year, new _______.




New Year’s Resolutions being made and shared left and right, but I’m glad I stopped doing that four years ago. I got older and learned that humans are easily bored. Or, at least, I am easily bored. I try new things, obsess over a new hobby for a few days, and quickly lose sight of why I was so into it. I set it aside to the back burner where it collects dust over weeks, months, years. NYRs never stuck with me, so I stopped giving fucks about them.

Just today, I told myself I would vlog again. Tried recording a video, and a few hours later, I remembered how tedious it was to have to edit the footage and wait for it to upload.

Then I said to Dru, “I should probably work out every day.” Then I realized that’s too much work, too.

I am way too lazy. Should I change? I should. Should I change because it’s a new year? Not necessarily. Otherwise, it will become a passing phase.


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