5 Specific Thank You’s

If you know me on Facebook, you will notice that I rant a lot…to the point of being whiny. Almost. That said, it’s not that I hate the world or the people in it. I do, sometimes. But not greatly (depending on the situation). Is it really my fault that I can spot bullshit and stupidity through my computer screen and across the world? Is it wrong to call out people on their BS? See, there I go again. Ranting.

Do my rants make me sound ungrateful? Probably. But you’re wrong. I don’t completely hate everything. To prove that, here are some things I thank the heavens for because they brighten my day.

Blind Spot Mirror

(c) Harbor Freight

If you don’t have one yet, get it. It is a lifesaver. My manager’s fancy Camry doesn’t have this mirror but she does have side mirrors that light up when there is a car or a motorcycle hiding in her blind spots. My Camry is an older model, so I don’t have that fancy stuff. Having this little thing has been a contributing factor to my continued survival.



The irritation I feel when I come across a Facebook link or share about some fishy-sounding news is beyond words. Jackie Chan died? Snopes that shit and find out it’s a hoax. Girl got ran over by a car and the video is fantastically brutal? Snopes investigated and it was an ad for an insurance company. I feel immense joy when I get to comment one word on my friend’s article: Fake.



Oh, boy, do I love Reddit. The subreddits AskReddit, pettyrevenge, LetsNotMeet, and TalesFromRetail are my favorite haunts.

My own music choice

(c) Apple

When I started working at my current job, I had a desk up front. There was a small are, probably 7’x10′ (who knows? I’m bad at estimating measurements.) This area was shared by me and two other ladies. There was one radio, and I was closest to that radio. I had no choice on music station, which was fine… Until I realized the radio plays the same 15 songs on repeat all day.

It got even worse during the holiday season. Right after Thanksgiving, the radio was stuck on one station. That station. You know that one that plays nothing but Christmas songs? That one. For an entire month, 8 hours a day, all I could listen to were 10 old Christmas songs. There is a certain limit to how long and how often you can listen to Mariah Carey’s rendition of “All I Want For Christmas” before you contemplate blowing your eardrums out.

I made the mistake of changing the station one day when I came in early, and the office manager made us change it back because a vulgar rap song came on just as she walked in the door. Fortunately, I got promoted and transferred to a separate office. My manager allowed me to bring my own radio so I can listen to my own music. For that, I am soooo thankful.

Facebook birthday reminders

Me and my birthday buddies

 My birthday is on November 28. I was born in the Philippines, so greetings started pouring in around 9 am today, November 27 in the US. I get to feel the birthday glow for two whole days.

Would these people have remembered or known it was my birthday until they saw the birthday ticker on the Facebook main page? Probably not. The only ones who legitimately know are my ex-boyfriends (two of them happen to celebrate their birthdays on November 28 as well…what are the chances?), family, and really close friends. So to those who took the few seconds to type a quick “hbd” (which I hate, btw), ty.

But really, though. Thank you. 🙂

Thankful Link Up

Happy Thanksgiving!

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