Craft Fair Finds

In a surprising turn of events, the general manager at work took me, and three other ladies in the office to the craft fair at Cal Expo for half the day at work. A change of pace and venue was exactly what we needed, so the field trip was highly appreciated.

We walked around the venue for two hours checking out the different stalls, pretty baubles and trinkets, sampling dips and the like, and selecting presents for friends and family.

I didn’t get much, but the two things I did get, I adore.

This beautiful pendant, which cost me $20, is from the Grouse and Badger stall. Astounding pieces were on display. They were mostly vintage pieces like typewriter keys and watches upcycled into jewelry.


I’m a sucker of unusual pieces like these, so I knew I just had to have one. The fact that it is from a typewriter makes it even more endearing; I used to tinker with my dad’s typewriter when I lived in the Philippines. I miss that thing.

The second thing I got are two Twist A Buns–one black, one red.

Our group walked by and caught the tail end of a half bun and double bun. What I saw impressed me, so I had to get two for $14. I was planning on giving these to my mom, but… You know how sometimes you end up wanting to keep to yourself the presents you buy for others? Yeah…

But there is one thing I regret not getting because everyone else was already walking away. I don’t have a picture of the exact thing from the stall, but it looked like this:

(c) Neogami @ Etsy

I got a business card, though, and the stall that had dozens of these tiny-paper-crane-in-bulb necklaces was run by Wingy Lam of Origami by Wingy. Her necklaces were $10, but unfortunately, not available online. Her pieces were so cute, and it plagued me the entire time until…right now. I sent Wingy a message on Etsy asking about the availability of that particular pendant, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

If you live in or near Sacramento, I highly recommend checking out the craft fair at Cal Expo this weekend. There are a lot of affordable holiday presents you can nab over there–jewelry, food, drinks, “treasure” boxes, and more. Adult entrance is $9, seniors is $7, and children under 12(?) are free.


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