Rockin’ that red lip for the holidays

The bold red lip.

I am on the fence on whether it is a look that is a challenge to pull off or if it is one of the easiest. A red lip can stand on its own–you don’t need severe eye makeup if you’re dressing up your lips. But you would also look peculiar if you walk around your apartment complex in your pajamas and armed with a bright red smile.

A red lip is classy and festive, depending on the shade. Darker shades for more professional settings, and the lighter, almost pink and coral ones for casual gatherings. For winter, especially for this holiday season, I find that a true red or at least a shade around the middle is perfect.

I got lucky because BA STAR was kind enough to send me a sample of their Holiday Red lip pencil, along with a discount for my dear readers.



Holiday Red has bluish undertones so it is perfect for anyone with a cool skin tone. It makes your features pop! The great thing about this shade of cool red is it makes teeth appear whiter.

The BA STAR lip pencil glides on smoothly, like butter. It is also quite matte and opaque–I didn’t need to go over more than twice to get maximum coverage over my lips. It also has a certain scent that makes me think of warm popcorn. It is very subtle, so don’t take my word for it.


As an early holiday present from me and BA STAR to you, here is a discount for your choice of lip pencil. You don’t have to get the Holiday Red; BA STAR has other colors available:

Enter the code BBLIPS to receive a 50% discount on any BA Star lip pencil.

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