NaBloPoMo 1: Making It Rain

Friday, November 1, 2013
If you found one million dollars in the morning and had to spend it by nightfall, what would you do with the money?


In this age, a million dollars isn’t that much. But to someone like me, it is A LOT.

So how would I spend it from morning to nightfall, assuming I can’t put any away for savings?

  • Pay off my credit card. I have one credit card, so I don’t owe much. But it would be nice to be debt-free. ~$8,000
  • Break my lease and buy a new house complete with alarm system, pool, theater room, and game room. I hate my apartment. It is overpriced and I can’t wait to move out. ~$500,000
  • The house I will move in to should be near a lake, so naturally, I’m getting a houseboat. ~$200,000
  • Buy plane tickets for me and Dru so we can visit my hometown, Cebu, in the Philippines. Sinulog is coming up, and it would be wicked if Dru could go to it. ~$8,000
  • Buy a new car for sure. It has to be stick, and it has to have awesome gas mileage. And no two-doors. ~$35,000
  • And buy another car as backup, because I’ve gone through so much auto problems. It’s nice to have an extra car. ~$35,000
  • Donation to three charities. Which one? I will let Dru decide. But I am for sure not giving a penny to that scam Susan G Komen foundation. ~$50,000
  • Buy a new MacBook Pro. Mine is starting to slow down, and it’s only two years old. ~$2,000
  • Buy that Moto X that I’ve always wanted. And get Dru one, too, because his Atrix 2 is about to die and he introduced me to the Moto X. ~$2,000
  • Get a new DSLR. Something Canon. ~$1000
  • Buy plane tickets to Hawaii (including hotel and car). I’ve always wanted to go. So does Dru. ~$4,000
  • Disneyland Annual Passport for my entire family and Dru! ~$5,000
  • Take my mom and sister on a shopping spree. ~$10,000
  • Take Dru on a shopping spree. ~$10,000
  • Send money to my Dad and my grandma in the Philippines. ~$40,000
  • Pay for my mom’s destination wedding. ~$80,000
  • Invest in startup companies. ~$10,000

Would I be able to actually spend everything in 12 hours? Doubt it. But it would be tight if I could.


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