Deodorants Aren’t Just For Armpits

Manly men, you can just skip right ahead if female products do not interest you. I won’t be hurt.

During a recent trip to Target, I came across this thing. It is deodorant for lady parts!

Here is what the FDS website says about the FDS Sprays:

The feminine, fresh feeling of FDS sprays starts with our natural cornstarch formula that is safe and gentle for use on even the most sensitive areas. The time-release ingredients are moisture activated and continue to work all day long, providing an extra measure of confidence. Our sprays contain the gentle and soothing skin-conditioning agents Vitamin E and Chamomile, and you can use them every day on yourself, your underwear and even pads and pantyliners

I got the Baby Powder one because the only other scent left was Delicate Breeze, and I wasn’t feeling it.

Now, let’s not lie. There are times when that particular area will feel rebellious and not cooperate with you. According to Doctor Oz, the groin is one of the five smelliest body parts; the others ones being your mouth, underarms, scalp, and feet. So it’s only natural that at some point, you will experience unpleasant odors regarding your pubic region, no matter how hygienic you are.

I don’t usually use products on my body except for the usual shampoo and body wash, but I thought I’d give this spray a try. Besides, it was less than $10.

The first time I tried it, I was fine. Sort of. I went about my day smelling like a baby’s butt that had been freshly powdered. But as the day wore on, I realized that the baby powder scent was overpowering. Almost eight hours had passed and I was still smelling suffocatingly fresh. I was not sure what to feel about that.

So the next day, I sprayed on just a tad. Still strong baby powder scent.

I’m not ready to give up on this product. I think it’s a nice idea, although I sincerely hope women don’t look at it as a scapegoat to skip showers (but seriously, who does that?)

When I run out of this baby powder one, I might try Ocean Breeze, Shower Fresh, or Sheer Tropics next. Hopefully they don’t smell as strong as the first one.


cheap (<$10), comes in discreet thin 2-oz. aerosol cans, stays on all day


Baby Powder scent is overpowering


3.5 out of 5

This is a non-sponsored post. I am not paid or compensated by FDS. All opinions in this post are my own.

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