Silver Linings All in One Day

I’ve had a less than stellar week, so I am proud to announce that this day, Wednesday, 10.16.13, was spectacular. I started off by posting this on my Facebook:

I didn’t realize it would actually turn around.
  • Instead of going to work at 8, I scheduled to start at 7 so I could leave at 3 to have enough time to get to my dental appointment. I finished all my important work tasks in 45 minutes–that included balancing our finished goods, doing the weekly flash report, and laminating copies.
  • After procrastinating on it for a week, I finally finished my Philosophy discussion that is due tonight. The assignment was to evaluate the argument and make a Venn diagram based on the image below. It took me two hours of hardcore Googling until I landed on what I needed.

  • On my way to my dentist, I realized I had time to stop by the post office. I got a call from them last Friday telling me I can pick up my new mailbox keys (which I lost a month ago and didn’t have time to replace until last Wednesday). Between then and now, I either didn’t have time or couldn’t make their business hours. Replacing those keys cost me $50. I expected my mailbox to be overflowing with junk mail, but when I got to it, all it contained was my issue of Cosmopolitan (the beautiful Miranda Kerr on the cover), my AT&T bill, the previous owner’s T-Mobile bill, and Pennysaver, which I tossed immediately. I did get a key for one of the bigger mailboxes, and in it was a package for a different apartment number, not for me.
Miss Kerr and my new $50 set of mailbox keys
  • Let’s backtrack a bit. On my way to the post office, I got a call from a girl named Chelsea from NOW 100.5 fm who told me I won two tickets to this year’s Exotic Halloween Ball at Cal Expo. She asked for my information, gave me the station address, and told me to pick up my prize before 5:30. For a while, I thought I was being scammed, but I checked my messages and saw that I did enter. I texted PRIVATE to 21005 days ago. I picked up my tickets after my dental appointment, and then found out that not only did I get free tickets, but they were VIP!


  • I got to my dentist appointment in time. I woke up with a mysteriously chipped tooth the same night I lost my keys, so the amazing Dr. Hinh did a filling for my bilateral cuspid. It looks amazing–like I never chipped it.
  • I took the package I mentioned earlier to the apartment unit it was addressed to but no one was home. I returned three hours later, and this time, I was successful. They were glad that I took their package to them instead of keeping it (what kind of selfish bastard would do that?) I felt so good about that good deed.
  • For the entire time I had no mailbox keys, I was constantly worrying about missing important packages, like NatureBox. Last month, 20SB was looking for bloggers to volunteer in their Healthy Snacking Campaign. Thankfully, I didn’t get anything from them yet. But I finally got an email back from NatureBox today. How convenient is that?  I will soon be receiving my box, and am excited to be sharing the goodness with you all.
(c) 20SB

I feel accomplished, productive, and positive. This day was absolutely amazing.

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