What’s In My Bag?

My sister tagged me on her What’s in My Bag post on Instagram weeks ago. Being the blogger that I am, I thought that would make an interesting blog post. So here it is.


  • MacBook Pro with charger
  • Galaxy Note 8
  • Atrix HD
  • iPod touch (not pictured; left it in my car)
  • charger with detachable USB cable
  • 2013 planner and pens
  • tampons
  • eyeliners, mascaras, and lip stain (doubles as cheek stain)
  • wallet
  • glasses case
  • hand sanitizer
  • keys (not pictured; I always leave it on a hook by the door)

Why do I carry my laptop and a million chargers around, you ask? Ever since my car got broken into, I no longer feel safe leaving my valuables unattended. Days after the incident, I had a feeling that the thief had somehow learned my address from combing through my glove box. Maybe looked at my car insurance papers? I was afraid that they would break into my apartment if they see my car absent from the lot. Anyway, I have since then resolved to taking my important possessions with me.

I also have a habit of spending my weekends at Dru’s, so I always keep my chargers with me. I have a sleepover backpack in my car, but that will be another post for another time.

My bag for this week

What’s in your bag?


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