Best RomCom Soundtrack: 50 First Dates (Promptober #3)

Promptober #3: romantic movie

You agree with me, right?

50 First Dates has THE absolute best music. Every song in the movie’s official soundtrack is relevant. Every single one. Not one song is a filler.

Mark McGrath’s “Ghost In You” has been described by myself and a friend as “sexy”.

Wayne Wonder’s “Hold Me Now?” Had one girl at the radio station I worked at go “YAAASSS!” (before #YAAASSS was relevant).

And “True” by and Fergie? That chorus was my ringtone for SIX YEARS before I discovered “My Dick” by Avalon. Hahaoops!

Altogether, the album exudes a chill, feel-good vibe that goes hand-in-hand with the movie. Because let’s face it, no matter how ‘meh’ Adam Sandler has gotten in his films the past couple of years, 50 First Dates is a classic that stands right up there with The Wedding Singer. I guess he and Drew Barrymore have that special on-screen chemistry that just works.

Listen to the entire album here, and if you really, really, rry love it, purchase it here:

Promptober 2013

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