The Time I Pretended to Be Richie Rich (Promptober #2)

Promptober #2: splurge

I have only ever splurged on two things in my entire life, and it should be no surprise that both things are gadgets.

A few days before my 23rd birthday, I bought my 13″ MacBook Pro. To be fair, it was a day after a Black Friday sale, so technically it was still on sale. Instead of the $1500 price tag, I had $200 knocked off the price.

Before my MacBook, all I had was my desktop. Can you imagine how relatively inconvenient that is in this age? I was prone to falling asleep on my chair because I would be surfing the net all night and didn’t have the energy to move to my bed. When my family went to little vacations out of town, I had to wait until I could borrow their laptops. And that was back when I didn’t have a smart phone yet. For someone who is technologically addicted as I am, the thought of that is sheer torture.

So during one walk around the mall with my sister, we passed by the Apple store and walked in. No goal but to look around; walked out with a new laptop.

It was an impulse purchase, and while I did feel buyer’s remorse shortly after, I rationalized that it was a need, that as a graphic designer, I needed graphics to be portable. I also promised myself to not splurge on anything else for my next two birthdays.

My second splurge happened just a week ago. When my beloved MacBook Pro ceased Internet functions, I immediately thought the only logical solution was to purchase a new (but cheaper) laptop or a tablet.

That is how I ended up with my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. It cost me $400, and so far, I’ve been teeter-tottering with the remorse. My main argument in getting it was for the graphic design capabilities, and so far I’ve only come up with this:

…using a $15 app.

I’m sure that particular splurge will right itself soon.

Have you splurged on anything? Did you regret it?

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4 thoughts on “The Time I Pretended to Be Richie Rich (Promptober #2)

  1. I’ve splurged on many gadgets, but the one I end up regretting most is my tablet. I got an older tablet (Toshiba Thrive) just because it had so many peripheral outputs (HDMI, USB, etc.). The performance, while not terrible, is not the greatest. I for one, like speed and decent performance and that’s something the tablet lacks a bit. I definitely should have waited and saved a little bit more money so I could have bought something better. But, what’s done is done.

    1. I hear you. This past week, all I did with my tablet was play Candy Crush and rearrange widgets. I wish I had a USB port so I can plug in my external hard drive and watch movies. :/


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