You have Googled yourself at least once in your life. It’s okay, don’t be ashamed to admit it. I do the same. I even found myself on IMDb because of it.

Now and then I type my name into the search engine for two reasons: vanity and the need to purge.

I am not a celebrity, so I know that there won’t be any paparazzi shots of me on my phone, big sunglasses on, and a Starbucks cup in one hand. I am simply not that in demand or famous, and that’s alright. That is not the reason I Google myself.

At first, it was simple curiosity. I wondered what would pop up if I searched my full name or unique usernames that I commonly use, and I was surprised. Old blogs, abandoned portfolios, photos, class submissions that got uploaded online… it was as if I had opened a can of worms. Some things I was pleased to find; others not so much.

It was then that I decided to use those results to weed out what I didn’t want online anymore. Websites that I joined and forgotten about thankfully allow account cancellation, so I got rid of a handful of online portfolios, blogs that I made only a couple of entries in, and the like.

The search also helped me track down sites that leaked out sensitive information, so I got a chance to change my privacy settings or delete the information altogether.

It is a slow process. I have to search now and then to see which accounts are still up, if I missed any, and if new ones popped up.

Recently, I saw that I am now listed as an actress in IMDb. That was a pleasant and amusing surprise.

How did they get my accurate height, though?

Backstory: Back in 2011, I starred in a short film called Anthropoid (you can watch clips of it here) by Rick Saldaña, a film student at The Art Institute of California in Sacramento. It was a very short film–7 minutes long and no dialogue (for me, at least). There were only two characters: me and a guy named Paul Jerome. We shot the whole thing in Nevada in one day.

I did another film called 12 AM (which you can also watch on Vimeo) with Rick a year later, wherein I played the wraith. But apparently IMDb hasn’t been updated on that yet.

Do you Google yourself, too? What interesting things have you unearthed?

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