“You are addicted to technology!”

This is one of many lines that Dru says to me every chance he gets. I am on my phone almost 24/7. It is under my pillow when I’m asleep and in my hand when I’m walking. I bring it with me to the bathroom and have tried to use it even during a shower a few times. This is why I have never disagreed with Dru.

And it’s not just with my phone.

I bring my laptop everywhere with me. And after my car got broken into, I am never leaving my laptop anywhere unattended. I bought my MacBook Pro a few days before my 23rd birthday. There was a Black Friday sale at the Apple store when my sister and I walked past it, so I got myself a $1300 laptop. I refrained from buying myself anything on my next birthday.

Then my stepdad got me an iPod touch for Christmas last year. I’ve been using that mainly for just music. My WiFi at home doesn’t quite agree with the iPod, which I’m not too concerned about. I had my laptop and phone to take care of online things anyway.

I then got my current phone, a Motorola Atrix HD, for free after I took advantage of my AT&T upgrade. I have a penchant for huge phones (my old one was a Samsung Infuse 4G), so I got it and bought an even thicker case for it. I believe this is part of the reason why I my phone is always in my hand instead of in my pocket or in my purse. It’s too big and I feel naked without it in my hand.

And just recently, I got a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which I just love. It just makes it easier for me to draft blog posts and get images ready anywhere. It is bigger than my phone and smaller than my laptop–just perfect for multi-tasking.

With all four bases covered, there is literally nowhere I can go and not be tinkering with technology.

Are you the same? What gadget has most your attention?


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