This has been an eventful week–car got broken into, MacBook decided to be dysfunctional, exchanged most of my money for a tablet, and lost all my keys.

There is an interesting story behind each one, so let me break it down:

My car got broken into.

Sometimes, instead of using the AC, I simply roll down my windows a few inches down when I drove home from work. Last Friday was one of those times. Also, since it was Friday, I thought I wouldn’t have to stay home too long because I was also hoping I would get to drive to Dru’s and hang out. So I figured I would just leave the windows rolled down so it wouldn’t get too hot when I needed to drive again.

Turns out I was just going to be staying home. I forgot to roll my windows back up.

The next morning, around 11, when I walked up to my car, I saw that there was an old phone charger sprawled across the driver’s seat. I thought that was unusual. Slowly, my eyes trailed to the passenger seat where I saw all the contents of my glove compartment stacked on the floor, and everything that was in my center console strewn across the seat.

I then noticed that my driver’s side door wasn’t locked, and the door behind it wasn’t properly closed and unlocked as well. I did a quick inspection and saw nothing missing. Even the small wad of cash in the ashtray was still there, and my stereo and faceplate were still intact.

The trunk wasn’t closed all the way either, but nothing seemed to be missing.

I was still furious, but nevertheless grateful that the thief or thieves made out with nothing valuable. I decided not to call the cops or complain to the apartment complex. I will, however, be more vigilant about my car.

And this brings me to why I was going out that Saturday instead of relaxing at home…

My MacBook wasn’t functioning properly and I thought I would go buy a new laptop or a tablet.

I was trawling the Internet that Friday night, since I wasn’t able to see Dru. Somehow, I landed onto a website that had the FBI Green Dot Moneypak “ransomware” popup/tab. I won’t go into details explaining it, but you can read about it here. (It is a safe link that leads to the Forbes.com website.)

I knew right away that it was a scam, but the tab wouldn’t go away. I was concerned for the security of my laptop at that point, so I installed both avast! and Sophos Anti-Virus. The tab went away after I ran scans, but then I started getting Error 324 on Chrome (“No data received”), and the same in Firefox and Safari for random websites. I could go into Facebook and perform Google search fine, but I wasn’t able to go into WordPress (hence the lack of updates), YouTube, Yahoo!, or any of the results when I Googled a solution.

It was a catch-22. I reset all my browsers, modem, and router, and even called my ISP but the problem persisted.  In my desperation to get back online (I also had a quiz for an online class that was due), I took this as a sign to buy myself a Windows laptop or a tablet. And that’s when I saw the state of my car.

Long story short, I found out through trial and error that I needed to disable the Web Shield on avast!, which was what blocked the websites. My MacBook worked fine after that, but…

I bought myself a tablet anyway.

I talked Dru into going to Fry’s with me to check out the laptops and tablets. My budget was $350. But I saw the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 and fell in love instantly. I knew I wanted it.

Dru and the rep tried to talk me into getting the Google Nexus 7 tablet, which was cheaper by a hundred dollars, an inch smaller, aesthetically similar to my old Samsung Infuse HD (awkward), but more advanced specs-wise. But when I mentioned that I do a lot of graphic design, they agreed that the Note would be better, especially since it has the S-Pen, which is more pressure sensitive, precise, and accurate than a stylus.

Unfortunately, Fry’s didn’t have any in stock so we had to drive down to the Office Depot nearby, which fortunately had it for $40 cheaper.

I love my tablet. I’m so glad I got it instead of an iPad, which would have been impossible to customize and really make my own. I spent $400 on a tablet, I expect to own it. No one can really do that if they got an Apple product, but that’s another story.

So after that rollercoaster of a weekend, I thought everything already balanced out. I was wrong. After a visit to Dru’s dad, we later find out something awful.

I lost all my keys.

Retracing our steps wasn’t very hard, but it got hazy. I remember walking to my car and opening the passenger side door to grab some of Dru’s stuff that he put in my cup holder. He asked me to pass the keys to him so he could open my trunk and see if he left his football in there. I moved to the backseat to grab a sweater.

I walked over to his car, set my purse and his things on the passenger seat, and put my sweater on. I vaguely remember seeing my keys on top of the car, but I’m not sure if I grabbed it or left it up there.

As we were driving in his car down a long stretch of a narrow two-lane road near a grassy field, we heard a weird sound. We thought he had ran over a twig or a pebble, but we didn’t bother to go back and check. It wasn’t until later that night when I noticed I didn’t have my keys.

We checked that road again in the dark. We had flashlights with us, but we were not successful. His dad didn’t find my keys at his house either.

We called AAA before midnight to unlock my car, in case one of us left it in there. It wasn’t. I called in to work to let them know that I might not be able to come in, given my situation.

The next day, we called AAA again and they referred me to a locksmith that could make a duplicate for $60, which is way cheaper than changing the ignition entirely. That was Dru’s plan, until I asked him how I would be able to get in my car since the same key had to be used for both the door and the ignition.

So now, I have a new car key and Dru’s spare key for my apartment. I will have to go back to the post office for new mailbox keys, and pay my leasing office $0 for a new gate clicker. Thank god I have an extra bottle opener from Kiss-N-Tell.

All in all, I don’t know what to feel about this weekend. But I sure have a few interesting stories to tell during my 5-minute meeting at work tomorrow.

How was your weekend?

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