An open letter to my Future Husband, Momc, MoH, and all others who will have a part in my wedding

Dear loves,

There are a few things I need to let you know, because as the future bride, I want this done right. And I say all of this with love and a smile. I may sound like a Bridezilla, but trust me, I could be worse.

There have been certain specific requirements set in place since I was old enough to know that I definitely want to get married. That time may have been when I was not even a teenager yet, but was very sure that a wedding was in my horizon.

Here are some of those requirements. There are no negotiations, unless otherwise stated.

With all my hugs and kisses,

  • The first dance will be set to James Morrison’s “You Make It Real”.
  • My wedding gown must be designed by my good high school friend, Rei Escario, younger brother of Makati-based Cebuano fashion designer Jun Escario.
Escario gown
(c) IG: reiescario
  • Any member of my family, the groom’s family, our friends, my MoH, and especially the best man is not allowed to make the “three rings of marriage” speech. Strictly forbidden. No wedding cake for you!

Three Rings of Marriage

  • My high school “boyfriend” Walter must emcee the reception. He did my debut. This is a lifetime gig between us. Don’t worry, he’s fabulously gay since birth.
  • My Popc has to play some of the songs on my wedding playlist on the piano. He is the best pianist I know.
  • My Momc absolutely has to make my bouquet. I know by experience that she makes the prettiest wedding bouquet, and it would be an honor to march down the aisle with her creation in my hands.

Momc's Bouquet

  • Ricky will be my Maid of Honor. I know I should choose my sister because she is my sister, and because Ricky is a guy whom I had a bit of history with, but how about shut up?
  • I want a live band to play “House of Cards” by Radiohead.
  • White and turquoise will be the motif. It is clean, vibrant, and fresh. I’ve seen one too many ugly color mismatches splattered all over bridesmaids’ dresses and wedding favors to know what I definitely want and don’t want.
(c) The-Kins
(c) The-Kins
  • For the wedding cake, I prefer cheesecake.
(c) Wilton Cakes
(c) Wilton Cakes
(c) Photo by Shinano
  • The wedding and the reception must be professionally photographed. I want this event to be well-documented. I live for the memories, as well as our future together.
* I couldn’t trace the source. Please let me know if you have info.

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