Blogtember topic for the day: a memory you’d love to relive

Before Dru and I started dating, we used to have dinner at random places as friends. He found out during one of our friendly talks that I hadn’t experienced much of the many offerings of Sacramento’s food places. It became our thing–I’d send him a message on Facebook, playfully asking him where we should eat next. We would either meet up there or he would pick me up. It was innocent, and I enjoyed his company because he was very good at picking food and keeping conversations alive.

Dinner plans.
Dinner plans.

One night, after having dinner at The Red Lobster at my suggestion (where he couldn’t have any of the good stuff because of his shellfish allergy that I forgot about), I invited him back to my place to continue our gripping talk. We bounced around from one topic to another, constantly feeding off of experiences and stories, and building conversation that way. We sat on chairs across each other in the living room the entire time. The discussion was so good, that I hadn’t even noticed time passing so quickly that it was almost 3 am.

I got blankets from my closet and laid them down on the carpet. Without even thinking, I crawled into one as we continued to talk, him still sitting down and me lying on the floor. I soon fell asleep. I woke up hours later with him on the floor a few feet away from me, under one of the blankets I had unspeakably offered. I went back to sleep, and again woke up later to find that he had left before sunrise.

Truth is, I was getting sleepy during our conversation, but I didn’t want to end the night, and I most certainly did not want to shoo him out. I didn’t have a couch, and it wasn’t appropriate at the time to invite him to sleep on my twin bed, either. The best I could think of was to join him in experiencing sleeping on the floor.

There was tension that night. That tension was what led us to have dinner again, and eventually a relationship. While I cherish a lot more nights that he and I shared–the night we realized we liked each other, the night we did something about it, the night he asked me to be his girlfriend–the one night that started it all deserves to be relived.

4 thoughts on “quaranta

  1. What a sweet story! I think it’s so great that you found such a fun experience like trying new restaurants to bond over as friends before you started dating! Those “not wanting the night to end” moments are such sweet memories! 🙂

    1. I think those are the best kinds of relationship. Friendships that blossom into something more are stronger. And they rarely end in a bad note, in my experience. 🙂


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