Before I begin with what this post is really about, an announcement:

20sb_buttonYay! For a while, I was getting a bit bummed out about not crossing paths with as many bloggers my age anymore. Then Jules from Life Full of Jules commented on a couple of my posts, which led me to checking out her blog, and then landing on 20SB. If you are a 20-something blogger, I highly recommend that you join in on the funness!

Which leads me back to my original thought for this post…

20SB posted a blogging prompt today: show us your workspace.

So, here is my literal work space:


It’s my little corner in an office, which I share with our production manager. I work full-time as an executive assistant to the general manager/in-house graphic designer/all-around secretary for a vegan cookie company.

I brought in my own fancy-shmancy keyboard because I couldn’t stand the very ordinary piece of rectangular hardware that was provided to me before. Gotta make sure my wrists are comfortable from 8 to 4:30! 😉

My blog ideas come to me at odd times, and since I’m at work for most of the day, I can’t help but blog when I’m here. I try to blog only when I have serious downtime, which happens quite often as I apparently work too fast. My manager runs out of projects for me sometimes.

When I’m not at work, though, I am usually sitting in bed under a blanket. Half of my MacBook’s screen will be divided between Netflix and a browser with multiple tabs for WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and wherever else.

What does your workspace look like?


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