I got new glasses today!

Last Thursday, I went to Kaiser to get my eyes checked because I started experiencing blurred vision a little over two weeks ago. It turns out I switched from being far-sighted to near-sighted, so i got a prescription for new eyeglasses since my old reading glasses no longer help.

Today, I got a call from a nice lady down at Optical Services informing me that my glasses were ready for pickup. Thankfully, I was just minutes away from my apartment so I rushed straight to Kaiser excitedly.

I love it. Sure, it set me back $300 but it’s gorgeous. It has a black frame and teal interior exactly like this one. I was going to get semi-rimmed glasses like the one I got in high school, because I liked how that one didn’t disrupt my peripheral vision, but this one called out to me. I didn’t get the hipster-looking glasses, as much as I wanted to, because they were pricey and too big for my face.

Driving home was a lot more pleasant. I could see signs from nearly half a mile away. License plate numbers of cars in front of me were now clearer. It was as if I was seeing the word in HD, when really, that was always how it had been before my vision went downhill.

Looking back, I guess Dru was right when he said I spend too much time staring at computer screens and my phone; therefore, slowly destroying my poor eyes. I should have taken more care of them. Maybe ate more carrots or taken more vitamin A.

For now, I am just glad to be able to see clearly again. I took my once-perfect vision for granted.


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