Coffee ice cubes make my day brighter.

I go to Starbucks regularly, so I know how it feels to be disappointed when you get a cup filled with too much ice that it eventually waters down your drink. I feel cheated and robbed, and it is also why I never get ice when I dispense my own drinks at fast food places.

Three weeks ago, I experimented with some leftover coffee in the pot. It wasn’t enough to fill my mug, so I poured it all into an empty ice cube tray. I let it chill while I went to work.

I got home and decided to class up my after-work drink by using my favorite giant wine glass (is actually a brandy glass from IKEA), a bit of chai latte concentrate (super cheap at Target), and 2% milk. Add the ice cubes, and ooooh sweet mother of cows. It was delicious. And it didn’t get watered down.

7 thoughts on “trente-quatre

    1. I had a little boo-boo when I attempted making a slippery nipple shooter using Baileys and vodka. It was horrible and the texture made me throw up. I haven’t touched Baileys since. but now that you mentioned it with coffee… >:)


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