For Halloween 2011, I dressed up as Baby Doll from Sucker Punch and ruined my long red hair.

I found an XS costume online, and had asked Dan if I could borrow his sword with the white sheath. The only thing missing was the platinum blonde hair.

I made a trip to the nearby Halloween City, and got the most decent (not really) blonde wig they had for $20. It wasn’t what I wanted, but it was available. When I got home and tried it on, it wasn’t even the right look. Somehow, the perfectionist in me was very dominant, and decided to go the next level.

The $20 wig
The $20 wig

I purchased two boxes of DIY hair bleach from the drugstore and did the job myself. Two boxes of bleach in two days. I managed to lighten my very long strawberry blonde hair to a light blonde. I thought it was gorgeous. People at work were shocked to see my new look the next day.

My Baby Doll look was awesome, in my opinion. I got a lot of questions from the partygoers, and I felt I got the authenticity down pat. I might as well have gone to a cosplay event, too.

However, days later, I noticed my hair was getting frizzy. The hair by my neck would get tangled so easily, and it was a pain to brush out. No amount of hair straightening could iron out the kinks, literally. So one night, I let Nick cut my hair.

He was drinking 151 at the time, was an inexperienced haircutter, and I was stupid. He had a thing for A-lines, so I thought, why  not? The A-line he did was not. It was…a lopsided bob. I had to visit an actual parlor to get it fixed a few days later.

The moral: never bleach your hair intensely yourself. There are things best left to professionals.

I don’t regret that costume, though.

(In 2012, I donned the costume again for the Exotic Halloween Ball. This time, I didn’t bleach my hair. Everyone else was too drunk or high to notice the intricacies of costumes.)

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