Since I don’t have TV, I have been kept updated with the VMAs through Tumblr. It’s been funny and infuriating at times. Miley Cyrus’ disgusting performance gifs left me victimized, and I am grateful I did not get to watch the actual video.


Rihanna’s seemingly drunken/high/molly-induced popcorn whoopsie had me in stitches.

And then there’s Taylor Swift.

Oh, boy. Where do I start?

I do not like her. I think she is immature and not at all a positive role model for the tweens who look up to her. Her shade-throwing during her acceptance speech had me rolling my eyes, because I have never seen such immaturity from a “grown” person.

She seems bitter and she never gets over anything. Kanye West, Jake Gyllenhaal, Harry Styles, Joe Jonas, John Mayer… they all probably have a support group against her bullying. They’ve all clearly moved on. Why hasn’t she? Is she milking the victim wagon for all it’s worth?

Grow up, Taylor. You, too, Miley.


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