Dru and I just got back from camping at Lassen Volcanic National Park. We spent August 11-14 at Summit Lake South, and bagged the sweetest spot (C9) thanks to Shlong. We had perfect shade, and our backyard was a beautiful lake that held the reflection of the mountains and trees.

Our meals were what I would like to describe as interesting. Just regular burger patties, brats, eggs, bacon, and kielbasa, but somehow they tasted good because they were cooked over fire and grill.

We went to see the sulfur pools (smelled like rotten eggs apparently, but smelled like fried eggs to me) and the interesting fumaroles and mud pots. Definitely something to see at least once in your life.

The Perseids meteor shower was peaking that first night, so we drove to Bumpass Hell to watch the “star party”. Unfortunately, we were ill-prepared. The night was colder than expected, we forgot the bring the chairs, and Dru had a headache.

Cinder coneWe also checked out the cinder cone, which was the hardest, torturous moment of my life. I realized then I had slight vertigo and I am very uncomfortable with hiking up a very steep area with unstable gravel. I gave up halfway, but continued on, only to burst into tears before being assisted on the hike down by Dru. I held his hand so tight that my palm hurt for at least half an hour afterwards.

I did not join the boys for the hike up Brokeoff Mountain, knowing I will only slow them down. I was also not looking forward to any more hiking. I stayed at the campsite and napped the day away.

Every night, we played Uno or rummy (which they taught me) around the fire. They enjoyed stoking that thing, making sure it stayed lit well until midnight. It got boring for me after a while, but I guess boys are interested in that kind of thing.

I had a great camping experience. The cinder cone hike was the lowest point, but everything else was fantastic. I finally got to camp outdoors for real, and not at an orchard on campus like what happened during my Girl Scout days in high school. I would do the Lassen experience again…except the cinder cone part.

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  1. The area around the Cinder Cone is my favorite part of Lassen. I think the Painted Dunes are amazing and the view from the top of the cone is great but the hike up…sucks, to say the least. The worst part is all the crap that gets inside your shoes. Still, it is a pretty beautiful spot.


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