I don’t personally know anyone who has OCD or Tourette’s, but I’ve seen enough Monk and movies ridiculing the disorders. I feel bad for people who suffer from both, and I agree that it’s not funny. I’m not going to self-diagnose and say that I have OCD, because while I have OCD-like tendencies (my coffee MUST be stirred 30 times clockwise and then 30 times counter-clockwise), I don’t think I have it. We already have enough people WebMD-ing and becoming hypochondriacs in the process, so I don’t want to join that pack.

OCD intrigues me, because there are varying degrees to its severity. In some, it’s not very obvious. But there are people whose lives and relationships are disrupted by their obsessive-compulsive tendencies.

George Takei posted a link to a poem by a man named Neil Hilborn for Button Poetry. His poem is called “OCD”…and you will have to watch it yourself because there are no words I can use to describe how touching, heartbreaking, and tear-jerking it is.

Read the poem here.


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