Do you have a favorite song? I do. I have been in love with the same song for 7 years.

Usually, favorite songs change every time something new enters the Top 40, or every year, or… I don’t know. But it’s never really consistent.

I used to jump around from song to song. When I was in elementary school, autograph books were all in the rave among the class, and one of the questions was “Favorite song:”. I don’t remember what I used to put in those blanks, but apparently, they weren’t very memorable. Probably something by a boy band/girl band.

And then came 2006. I came across a song while reading Harry Potter fanfiction. I won’t get into too much detail, but four lines of the song were featured at the end of the fic. It struck me, so I Limewire’d it. Instantly fell in love.

So here it is. “The City Lights” by Umbrellas.

I am very protective of it. No one really knows of this song, and when an acquaintance of mine acknowledges it, I am 100% certain they know it because of me. And then I get peeved when they say it’s their favorite song, too.

I need to relax.


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