Do you notice in movies when the characters are in a food place, and the server asks them what they would like to order, and they say, “I’ll have the usual.”

Do you have a usual? Something you order almost 100% of the time when you go to a particular place. You don’t even glance at the menu anymore because you know what you want and that’s what you’re getting.

I do.

I always order a mushroom and Swiss Angus Third Pounder from McDonald’s. Well, used to. I found out not too long ago that McD discontinued it last year. So now, I’m getting a Big Mac, large fries, and a large iced coffee until the Monopoly game ends.

At Starbucks, I get only one of those things depending on the weather. If it’s hot outside, I get a green tea frap. My former roommate, Sara, introduced me to the delicious GTF back in February 2012. I’ve been addicted ever since. If it’s cold, I get a hot mocha. It’s Dru’s favorite Starbucks drink, so if I’m buying his as well, I get mine with soy milk and no whip to match.

Awwww yisss!!

At Panda Express, I always get a two-entree. Fried rice using white rice (their brown rice is oddly bland), mushroom chicken, and broccoli beef. I love their mushroom dishes.

What are your usuals?


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