I guess I don’t really notice it, but apparently I have a penchant for commenting on typefaces and colors I see everywhere.

When Dru and I were walking around Barnes & Noble in search of a planner for me, I would pick up a notebook and say things like, “I like the colors on the cover, but the kerning of the type inside kinda sucks.” Or when he showed me one of his picks, I looked at it with my face scrunched up and said, “Mmm…it doesn’t resonate with me typographically.”

He gave me a weird look and said, “You say these things…” then walked off.

Personally, I like that I notice these little things. While brisk walking around the mall, I stopped immediately when I saw a window cling just so I could exclaim to a bewildered Dru that it was using Futura, one of my favorite typefaces. And while driving around my Momc’s neighborhood, I loudly scoffed at the “confused-looking” typeface used for Gold’s Gym. And while Dru was busy looking at laptops on the Fry’s website, I was busy making fun of the funny ‘s’ on their logo. I think this quirk lends intrigue to my character.


But really, though, how many people do you know can differentiate Helvetica from Arial? (Take this quiz!) Or criminalize the use of Comic Sans? Or know that Trajan is THE movie font? (It comes with an entertaining YouTube video.)

And honestly, tell me this doesn’t make you go “Ooooh!!! ♥”



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