I went to Walmart. I actually just got back.

After a slightly dramatic, tear-filled night, I decided to snap out of it and get myself Play Doh like I had planned yesterday. I didn’t find anything cheap or worthy at Target and Barnes & Noble yesterday, so I had given up. Not tonight.

In less than five minutes, I found at Walmart the following gem for $3.47–more savings and variety compared to what I had come across at the first two stores. So I bought two packs.

0088492010901_500X500I can’t wait to start modeling and taking pictures and showing them off. My plan is that when I get better at modeling, I will move on to actual air dry clay and paint those with my three-year-old acrylics. Those tubes need some squeezing.

On the other hand, I realized something during my short trip.

I discovered that the traffic cameras on the Greenback and Sunrise intersection flashes for anything. Well…either the cameras need recalibration or the drivers get idiotic at that particular area. I was two blocks away and I could see multiple bright flashes from a distance. Almost like Hollywood.

Except the photographed probably weren’t glad to have their picture taken.

Like Hollywood.

Because of the paparazzi.

I will stop now.

My modeling clays are waiting for me.


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