Color Theory class fascinated me. It was one of the very few classes in my time at ARC that I enjoyed. That fascination carried on to this day. Close friends will attest to the near-obnoxious way I will exclaim “VIOLET!” every time someone says “purple”. (Purple is NOT a color!) When I talk about red (as in ginger) hair, I will also comment on how blue eyes complement the hair color well. I will often argue that black is not a color, but an absence of color. I will also try to explain that white is a combination of all the colors–long story.


After bouncing around “favorite colors” now and then, I decided to list them down. Because why not? Lists also fascinate me.



I don’t exactly remember how I came to like coral so much. But I do think it had something to do with hanging out with Momc, Ulta, and…hmmm.

The thing about coral is (1) it has a nice sounding name. Say it aloud: coral. Coral. It makes you think of the Little Mermaid, with Ariel and Flounder playing hide and seek. (2) Coral is in between this red, orange, and pink spectrum. It’s not too bright, too dull, or too saturated. It’s perfect, flirty, and summer-y. What’s not to like?

Recommendations: coral on Pinterest | coral on we♥it


turquoiseTurquoise was Pantone’s Color of the Year in 2010. It is also my favorite color ever ever ever. However, again, I do not remember how I came to love this color. Turquoise jewelry from Momc, perhaps? Or maybe because it almost looked like the colors of my ex-boyfriend’s bedroom walls. Either way, turquoise is my go to color. I have one too many dresses in the color that it’s ridiculous. It also helps that if you invert turquoise, it looks like coral. Yay!

I also came to enjoy turquoise with (hold on, let me Google something…) honeysuckle.

Honeysuckle, that damn color.

I always forget what it’s called because cornflower keeps pushing its way into the front of my mind. And we will get to that later. But turquoise and honeysuckle, especially when you throw in cream or brown, looks good. You’ve probably seen the Arizona green tea cans. Example right there.

As a matter of fact, I love turquoise so much that I painted my (former) bedroom this lovely color.

I would also like to point out that my hair color complements the wall color.

Recommendations: turquoise on Pinterestturquoise on we♥it



Honeysuckle was Pantone’s Color of the Year in 2011. I’m not very much into pinks, and honeysuckle by itself isn’t really all that appealing to me, but it is when paired with turquoise.

I found inexpensive nail polish during a Walgreens run a few months ago. It is called Soul Mate by Sinful Colors, and I would describe it as more of a “dusty rose”. Kind of a muted version of honeysuckle. It also looks great with Mint Apple, also by Sinful Colors.

Then I went and experimented like so:


Doesn’t that just give you 60s vibes?

And coincidentally, months later, I bought a bikini set that would match the nails.


If you take a gander at my Colourlovers page, you will see that I “loved” quite a number of cream/turquoise/pinkish palettes.

So…I don’t really have many favorite colors, I realized. I did go through a phase when I liked forest green and silver because those were Slytherin colors and I had a crush on Draco Malfoy/Tom Felton.


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