I was browsing through Mindy Kaling’s blog earlier and I saw this post of hers concerning chandeliers. According to her:

I freaking love chandeliers. They’re so dramatic and feminine, and buying one is like looking for a dope necklace for your ceiling.

I agree completely. Chandeliers are the tits. I mean…they are just a step up better than ceiling fans, although ceiling fans will always beat chandeliers on a hot summer day.

So, on a trip to IKEA with my Momc earlier this year, I spotted a nice “pendant lamp” on display. It was all white, had a trellis look to it, and was decorated with red flowers. It caught my eyes, and I knew I wanted one. Also it looked like something a Hawaiian bungalow would have, and I’m all for laid back, minimalist decor. However, when I excitedly looked around underneath the display, I saw that it was out of stock. Boooo!

Not to be discouraged, I made a return trip with Zoe and little miss Kara not too long after that. Luckily, they restocked the lovely GLÄNSA lamps and I snagged myself one for $10.

I made another trip to Michael’s for fake flowers, a vase, and colored pebbles to decorate the apartment with. Because why not? At the time, Dru was on a cruise, and I wanted him to come home to a decked out place.

Here was what the “chandelier” looked like after I attacked it with flowers and a glue gun:

glansaThat was back in March.

This is what it looks like now currently:

Photo on 7-30-13 at 10.44 PMA few flowers have fallen off, and I think the LED lights s are dying. When I try to turn it on, it gives off a dim glow, which makes my bedroom feel like a cheap motel. So I’ve stopped using it, and have gone back to my old bedside lamp with the orange glow.

And since my apartment unit was built for hobbits, the chandelier hangs down so low. Dressing and undressing ourselves haphazardly proved to be a little bit more of a slight challenge.

Oh, well. That’s IKEA for you. And unworthy-and-overpriced housing, too.


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