9048_10151677046524292_836148484_nIs it strange that I already have a setlist in mind for my future wedding? This considering I’m not in an official relationship, and nowhere near getting engaged or married.

Very rarely in my life do I come across a song that melts my heart and makes me think, “Yes! I want this in my wedding. I want to dance to this.” It is a rare occasion. And every time it happens, I add it to a list and imagine walking down the aisle to it, and doing my first bride and groom dance, and pretty much my whole day is consumed by the never-ending daydream.

I searched Spotify, Google Play Music, and various websites and blogs for wedding playlists, but I was disappointed at majority of the choices. A lot of the playlists contained songs that had nothing to do with weddings, or would have been a disaster if played at one. So I made my own, and each song is considered for its lyrics and overall feel good-ness.

Here is my wedding/reception playlist, in no particular order. I will probably have to look for an awesome cover band that will perform the songs orchestra style. And then hunt down an equally fantastic photographer/videographer who will capture the beautiful slow dance that is sure to ensue.

If you have a Spotify account, you are totally welcome to follow this playlist. I will be adding more as I discover gems.

What are your song choices? I genuinely want to know.

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