As much as I adore my kitties, they annoy me.

2b49b2be86f511e2b7d622000a1f968a_7-300x300I fear opening the door to my apartment because Dru and Aj will always be standing there, eagerly waiting for me…and ready to slither past if I’m not quick enough to close the door. Dru!kitty has done this three times now. Thankfully, she is literally a scaredy cat and won’t venture past the steps leading up to the second story. However, Dru and I still chastise her for her balls to even attempt the escape.

They scratch at almost everything they can get their claws on. Plastic bags are the most common casualties. The drawstrings on one of Dru’s Niavaroni sweatshirts have been scratched and bitten into a mess of black strands. They try to claw Dru’s shoelaces, to which he will retaliate by chasing them and bopping their noses.

And while it’s very cute that they often like to cuddle, they do so when I’m busy. Many times I will be sitting in bed with my laptop, and one or both of them will crawl up and settle down in the crook of my arm or on the keyboard. I have yet to find a software or app that will lock the keyboard just in case one of the kitties will jump on it while I’m on Netflix.

They jump, crawl, and suddenly appear in places they shouldn’t be in. I am on kitty alert when I load the dishwasher, because they like to peek in and climb. Same with the cupboards; I have to put away the dishes and bowl pronto or else one of them will nestle in. I have to invest in a new dresser because they like to raid my closet, although with the new rule, I doubt they’ll be able to get in there at all.

They poop in certain corners of the living room, and this has become one of the reasons Dru and I get into a fight. Cat poop.

Perhaps it is a call for attention. I haven’t been playing with them as much anymore, especially after Dru and I set up the No Cats in the Bedroom rule.

Dru was very adamant that I think it through before I get a kitty. He let me know it would be a lot of responsibility, and that things will get scratched and torn if we’re not careful where we leave them (the things and the kitties). I thought I could handle it, and I did. But that was when they were a few months old.

I love my kitties still. Last night, as I was on my laptop, Dru!kitty tried to reach for my hand. Finally, when I tried to reach for her and pet her, her claws came out and she scratched me really bad. My index finger suffered a long and deep cut that had me scrambling for the first aid kit. I got so angry that I locked her in the tub for a few minutes. I didn’t turn the water on, but boy, did I want to. Then I got over it, and as soon as she crawled out of there, I lifted her into my arms, squeezed her for a hug, and told her never to do that again.

Of course, she will scratch again. It’s their nature. And what kind of mommy am I if I can’t accept that?

Originally posted 030713 @ YPH.

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