I know exactly how my fascination with ladybugs started.

jpeg-300x300It started with Walmart and Pillow Pets. Whenever Nick and I went there, I always had to grab a ladybug Pillow Pet in one of the bins. I carried it around with me during the entire shopping trip, but I would never actually buy it.

Until my 23rd birthday.

Nick and I went on a late-night Walmart run the eve of our birthday. I think we were going to buy the Star Wars BluRay DVD set, but they were sold out. As we were walking out, he stopped by one of the bins and grabbed a ladybug Pillow Pet. He bought it for me, and I named it Barracuda in honor of his character in his short film.

Since then, I’ve loved ladybugs. I have a giant Pillow Pet that Cha won for me during a trip to Reno. That was the same trip that I got my slightly messed up ladybug tattoo.

My house is filled with ladybugs–loofa, scrub brush, pins, magnets, stickers, sock shoes, etc. You name it, I probably have it. Except clothes. Although I am close to going online to search for a hoodie.

I also have a dead ladybug on the dashboard of my car. It’s been there for over a year now. A bit creepy, I know.

I remember when I had a little penchant for dragonflies. That lasted three years. I’ve only been in this ladybug obsesh for a year. Let’s see how long this will last.


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