It is not a secret that I despise cold weather and climate.

dbcc0b0687c111e292c422000a1fbe6b_7-300x300The average temperature in the Philippines is 79°. Here in Sacramento, it is rare to get anything higher than 75°. I suffer.

I would much rather stay home than spend a weekend with my family skiing in Tahoe. Skiing = snow = cold = NO! I do not like the rain, the snow, or the breeze (except during summer).

When I turned 21, my family took me to Reno. It was fun…until they all decided to go ice skating a few blocks from the hotel. I was miserably sitting in a corner on my birthday while the rest of them skated. That was my choice to sulk, because the cold weather always ruins my mood.

I have turned down invitations to go clubbing or bar-hopping downtown because I dread having to walk a couple of blocks in the cold. I understand the concept of dressing warm, but I do not want to be lugging around a coat, scarf, gloves, and beanie when I am inside an establishment. Style over comfort, hey.

And it’s not that it’s a mental thing. I have gotten physically sick literally due to cold weather. When we went to Disneyland, it was on an October. Not warm. I developed a stomachache, as I always do when temperatures drop. Happiest place on Earth? I don’t think so. Maybe after they get more heaters around the park.


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