This is the longest I’ve gone being monogamous.

monogamy-300x300For nearly three years, I had no steady boyfriend. I juggled three guys (not at the same time!)

If I lived in the Philippines, I would be disowned.

And then I met Dru. It wasn’t easy at first. I couldn’t let go easily. It was a challenge to completely stop talking or interacting with two of the guys. One was my best friend. I almost lost Dru. I did one too many times. It boggles me why he continued to give me chances, but I am thankful.

I quit the two guys cold turkey in an attempt to keep Dru in my life. I realized that sacrifices must be made, and those sacrifices will hurt. But I chose to be more mature, to finally try my hand at a happy ending, and to be with a guy who is not willing to share me.

I am happier now. Every day, I look forward to going home and preparing dinner for him, draw a hot bath, listen to his stories about his day at work or school or gym.

I no longer have to sleep alone at night and no longer have to spend weekends alone. Or keep my weekends free in case a guy calls and wants to hang out. I am perfectly happy being monogamous. The attention from three guys was nice, but what I get from Dru is more than what the three could ever give.


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