I loooooove to cuddle.

d6d6027877a911e2b9d422000a1fa429_7-300x300It was unfortunate that the past few guys I had been with weren’t into cuddling. I don’t know why. Cuddling is so therapeutic. Sometimes, it’s even better than kissing or sex. It’s like a hug, but longer and warmer. On rainy days, I would want nothing but a cup of tea, a warm blanket, and snuggled in the arms of my special someone.

I found my night’s sleep is better and I wake up more refreshed when I know I was nestled during my slumber. It’s crazy how into it I am. I have thrown actual tantrums when I don’t get it. I have stomped my foot and screamed “I WANNA CUDDLE!!” when DP teased me and refused to.

This Valentine’s, DP got me a painting of a man and woman in an embrace because, according to him, it looks like they’re cuddling and that’s what I like to do all the time. He sure got that right. I immediately hung it up in our bedroom.

Other people are dependent on all kinds of things–drugs, alcohol, sex, other people. Me? I’m addicted to cuddling. I’m cranky when I don’t get my fix. And I’m okay with that.


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